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Royston Turquoise Rough

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Natural Royston Turquoise

Royston is a group of old Nevada Mines that produce a beautiful medium blue to dark green turquoise with brown matrix. Once in a while you will get a stone that is blue to green fade as well as emerald green stones. This is vien and seam material. It is a treat to cut as most all of the stones are winners! You will love this material. Note: you will need to saw the host rock away from the Turquoise as it is vein material. This is what makes this Turquoise so rich in color and matrix. Infact a lot of times we find the thinner the vien, the higher the grade of the material, that seems to be the case with most turquoise. DSC has cut many types of turquoise and we put Royston in our tops category! It is great stuff, buy it once and you will be back for more. Most of our current customers come back for more again and again, some times we are sold out before the shipment reaches Durango.

Natural Royston Turquoise - Cutting Material

One Pound of AA Grade ............. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT
One Pound of A Grade ................ CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of rough Royston Turquoise call:

Dillon Hartman------970 375-2401 weekdays


Natural Royston Turquoise Royston Rough
Royston Vein Turquoise

Blue Royston Turquise

Blue Royston Turquise

Green Royston Blue-Green Royston Turquoise

Green Royston Turquoise

Green Royston Turquoise


Green Royston Turquoise


Green Royston Turquoise Green Royston Turquoise

  Multi Color Royston Turquoise  

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